Family Housing

Sergi Farms

Sergi Farms knows that home is much more than a place to hang your hat and rest your head.  It’s where life unfolds and should be special in every way.  Our philosophy towards apartment living is to offer our residents quality housing and excellent management services.

Location is another important aspect of an outstanding community.  We are near major roadways and shopping.  We were established in 1997 and are a 120 Unit development offering 2 & 3 bedroom apartments.  The property amenities are laundry facilities, playground and basketball court.  The Cherry Hill school system is an excellent one.

We hope you will consider making Sergi Farms your next home address.

All applicants 18 years of age and older must include a $40.00 money order made payable to Sergi Farms Apts. This is a non-refundable application processing fee.

If you should have any questions when completing the application, please feel free to contact us at 856-751-4414; applications not completed in their entirety will not be processed.

  • Bedrooms Price Security Square Ft.
    2 Br (50%) $800 $1200 879
    2 Br (60%) $918 $1377 879
    3 Br (50%) $912 $1368 1073
    3 Br (60%) $1005 $1507.50 1073

    • NO PETS
      Sergi Farms is a Low Income Housing Tax-Credit Property. Please be advised that eligibility is determined by household size and maximum annual gross income, illustrated as follows:

      # Of People Minimum (50%) Maximum (60%)
      1 $25,000 – $33,850 $33,851 – $40,620
      2 $25,300 – $38,650 $38,651 – $46,380
      3 $28,500 – $43,500 $43,501 – $52,200
      4 $31,650 – $48,300 $48,301 – $57,960
      5 $34,200 – $52,200 $52,201 – $62,640
      6 $36,700 – $56,050 $56,051 – $67,260

      • Download AAH_Application

        The following is the list of documentation that must be brought with you to your eligibility interview for housing at Sergi Farms Apartments. Please bring all papers that pertain to your household income.
        ALL household members 18 years of age and older must attend this appointment.

        1. Birth Certificate for all household members.
        2. Social Security Cards for all household members.
        3. Drivers license and/or photo ID for all household members 14 years of age and older
        4. Vehicle registration and insurance.
        5. Picture of all members of the household.

        1. Four (4) recent, consecutive pay stubs if currently employed or unemployment stubs.
        2. Social Security benefits award letter for current year.
        3. Veteran’s and/or other pension award letter.
        4. Court order(s) showing child support and/or alimony payments.
        5. Welfare benefits or other assistance letter(s).
        6. 1040 Federal Tax Return for most recent year and W-2.
        7. All other information concerning household income.

        1. Checking account statements for the last Six (6) months.
        2. Savings accounts statement current month.
        3. IRAs, 401K, CDs, stocks, bonds most recent dividend statement.
        4. Real Estate broker’s assessment of any property owned.
        5. Mortgages or real estate transactions for the past two (2) years.
        6. All other information concerning any assets of the household.

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